Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Makes a Good Blog...Good?

I came across an article via the Public Relations Society of America's website talking about the various aspects of what makes a blog good. We have all read blogs and we all know that some of them, well, maybe their authors should find other hobbies. This article by Sherrie Bakshi helps combat that misty-eyed blogger fears.

Step One: Work Your Blog!
Sherrie encourages bloggers to take pride in their art. Spend time fashioning each post and watch your style evolve. That said, make sure to let your friends on Facebook and Twitter know that you've posted! And hey, it never hurts to participate on other blogs. That way your sphere of influence branches out past just your "friends" or "followers."

Step Two: Love Mean Commitment.
WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU LOVE! No one wants to read a blog about something by a half-hearted blogger. I happen to know very little about football, I like watching the sport, but I could never write a blog about it (unless we wanted to talk about how a particular..asset happens to look in football uniforms).
But, as we all know, the things we love take up time and effort. Commit to your blog. Set a posting schedule for yourself and mark your calendar. No matter if you've got a great following or stellar content, no one wants to read a sporadic blog. Blogs have become a regular part of our computer time habits...don't disappoint those fans!

Step Three: Keep Calm & Be Patient
All good things take time...blogs included. Don't be discouraged! Everyone will love your blog.

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