Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Social Media Meltdown

As much as I avoid those famed "five ways to..." or "three reasons why..." this article by Dorie Clark (CEO for Clark Strategic Communications) for The Huffington Post on ways to avoid the soon-to-be social media burnout is a gem.
Clark suggests (and rightfully so) to avoid being the greedy "early adopter." The trigger happy techie that spends his or her day finding and mastering every new hyped phenomenon on the internet. Clark begs us to remember Second Life, the "design your own avatar and live in the virtual world" that turned out to be...well, kind of weird. Save your time for the "must-haves" or those designed to stick around.
That said, the marketing strategy consultant guru encourages social media users to be familiar with the most used/famed internet tools (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Create an account, play around, pick up a copy of Wired Magazine, get to know the programs a bit and how they can be beneficial for you and your needs.
Above all else, do not let social media intimidate or scare you. Who cares is @LNLHoldsworth posts 8 times a minute? Her blog may be terrible. Social media is designed to be user friendly, to help connect, to build relationships and spread information. You are the user. Have FUN!
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