Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Experimental Marketing

Taylor Herring is the super swanky London-based PR firm that I dream of working for. Their clientele is incredible. They have their hands involved in everything and anything someone may think is "cool." And their blog is nothing short of indulgent.
In a recent post on the Taylor Herring blog, a post was made about an experimental marketing strategy for prime time TV show, Mad Man. To promote the upcoming season premiere of Mad Men in New Zealand, cleverly places decals were placed on the sides of skyscrapers. These decals play tribute to the opening sequence of the show and have become not only eye-catching, but completely iconic.

The firm in charge of these adventurous decals is Draftfcb based out of New Zealand. What do you think?
Does the falling suited silhouette catch your attention and peak your interest? Or does it miss the mark?

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