Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 Ways to Be Like Lady Gaga

Well, okay, maybe not exactly like Gaga.

Whether or not you like "Poker Face" or her latest Madonna inspired "Born This Way," no one can deny that Lady Gaga is a marketing maven. "The Fame Monster" garnered 6 Grammy nominations, winning Best Pop Vocal Album and a second-consecutive nomination for Album of the Year. Lady Gaga has over 31,756,991 Facebook "likes" and about 9,228,238 followers of Twitter. Not to mention Gaga and Michael Jackson tied for "Most Googled Celebrities of 2010" with 151,000,000.

I can't even count that high.

As...catchy...as her music may be, Lady Gaga didn't become the Fame Monster without a little PR magic. And based on her success she could give us PR Pro's a tip or two...or 10.

This slide show, created by @JESSEDEE, breaks the marketing genius down that makes Gaga and her team the international phenomenon they have become.

Just in case you weren't taking notes, here are 10 ways to be like Lady Gaga (or her Marketing team):
1. Have an opinion
2. Leverage Social Media (hey, hey!)
3. Be different (a shout out to all her "little monsters" everywhere)
4. Don't be afraid to make lots of money
5. Give your fans something to connect with
6. Love your Little Monsters
7. Don't be afraid to irritate people
8. Have the right people on your team
9. Produce killer stuff
10. Have a purpose

So yeah, she may be a bit controversial but...hey, who isn't these days?
What do you think of Gaga's approach to marketing herself and the things she advocates (or as she says "And now, I am just trying to change the world one sequin at a time")?

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