Monday, March 28, 2011

Guerrilla Marketing From Those Who Know It Best

Drum roll please....

Here it is. The list, that if you read, process and make your credo, will set you so far ahead of your competition (not to mention impress the heck out of your employers) you'll have to send out listserv email just to keep in touch.

Okay...that was a little much, but you get the idea.

American Express sponsors a blog called "Open Forum." This little gems acts as just that; an open forum for the latest in innovations, marketing, money news, and all things the average American Express customer would be interested in. Lucky for us, guerrilla marketing makes that list.

"48 Guerrilla Marketing Tips from Top PR Pros" written by Linsey Knerl, compiled the million dollar strategies of 48 PR professionals into bite sized paragraphs. How perfect?

Number 12 on the list, Marisa Puthoff from Edelman, advises to "become familiar with Google Place Pages for local businesses. Google now provides in-depth information when available for local businesses and places, offering information from customer reviews, to menus and selection notes, to basic information like store hours and an image of the location."

Or maybe number twenty, Duane B. Thomas from EdYouCation is more for you? "You can gain great value from volunteering your small business for a University class as a “working-study.”

Claudia Goffan from Target Latino, ranking at number one, hits home to all PR professionals: "Form relationships with other local businesses that cater to your customers. Ask them to offer a discount to their customers if they mention coming from their store when they purchase from you. Feel free to reciprocate."

The full list can be found at ()and heck...if it works for them, it may work for me right? Tell me what you think

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